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M&T Currency Design System

The Currency design system helps designers, engineers and product teams work together to build more cohesive experiences across M&T Bank's line of digital products and services. Just like monetary systems are comprised of institutions and frameworks that support the circulation of money, the design system isn't just one thing. Currency is built of three parts that work together to maintain a consistent and cohesive design language at M&T.

Each aspect of the system is designed to help you work smarter and faster and keep you trading in the right currency.


Learn about M&T Bank's design standards and how they are implemented within Currency.

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Learn how we communicate to our customers in order to provide a supportive banking experience.

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Use Currency's components as the foundational building blocks of your interfaces.

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See how Currency's patterns solve for common design elements and user actions.

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Design System Manager

The Mint

Our InVision DSM is where we print approved Currency assets and make them available for use. Designers can access these from the browser or from Sketch to implement them directly into their work.

CurrencySCSS Repository

The Treasury

Our code repositories are how we make the transaction from visual design prototype to user interface seamless. Developers can access out-of-the-box styles or take advantage of utility classes when necessary to make changes.

Currency Documentation Site

The Portfolio

Our site is where you learn how Currency works for you. The documentation around the concepts in the system guide you in approaching the problems Currency is designed to solve so you can make informed design decisions.